Current Standings

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  • ** Tainos **
  • ** Caribs **
  • ** Lucayans **
  • ** Arawaks **
  • ** Stingrays **

Upcoming Games

    Sunday November 17th

  • Tainos-3 vs. Arawaks-2
  • Lucayans-2 vs. Caribs-0

  • Saturday November 23rd

  • Arawaks-7 vs. Caribs-8
  • Tainos-11 vs. Lucayans-6

  • Sunday November 24th

  • Lucayans-2 vs. Arawaks-1

  • Saturday November 30th

  • Caribs-6 vs. Lucayans-3
  • Tainos-11 vs. Stingrays-0

  • Sunday December 1st

  • Arawaks-9 vs. Stingrays-4

  • Saturday December 7th

  • Stingrays-3 vs. Caribs-8
  • Tainos-6 vs. Arawaks-4

  • Sunday December 8th

  • Lucayans-13 vs. Stingrays-1

Game Schedules

Here you'll find the schedules for the 2019 season. They are divided by division. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

13-14 Division Teams

  • This is a 21 game season which mean each team will play each other seven times; three times as the home team; three times as the visiting team and the last round will be a coin flip.
  • Line-ups must be in 15 minutes prior to game time.
  • There will be no grace period.
  • Games are seven innings or two hours amd tem minutes whichever comes first.
  • Make-up games to be played Fridays at 5:30pm after Week 9.
  • Games will go extra innings until there is a winner.
  • Mercy rule is 15 runs after four innings or 10 runs after five innings.
  • Babe Ruth pitching rules apply.
  • All teams enter playoffs.
  • Playoff round is best of three games.
  • Championship series is best of five games.
Week Date Visitor Home Result
Sunday Jan. 6th @ 2:00pm Government House Visit
RD I Thursday Jan. 10th @ 9:30am Silver Jacks Raccoons Silver Jacks-18 Raccoons-1
Thursday Jan. 10th @ 11:30am Potcakes Sharks Potcakes-10 Sharks-6
Saturday Jan. 12th @ 8:00am Church Service
Saturday Jan. 12th @ 10:45am Opening Ceremonies
Saturday Jan. 12th @ 12:30pm Sharks Silver Jacks Sharks-1 Silver Jacks-12
2 Saturday Jan. 19th @ 3:00pm Raccoons Potcakes Raccoons-4 Potcakes-4
3 Saturday Jan. 26th @ 9:00am Potcakes Silver Jacks Potcakes-2 Silver Jacks-8
Saturday Jan. 26th @ 11:30am Raccoons Sharks Postponed
4 RD II Saturday Feb. 2nd @ 9:00am Raccoons Silver Jacks Raccoons-6 Silver Jacks-10
Saturday Feb. 2nd @ 11:30am Sharks Potcakes Sharks-3 Potcakes-13
5 Saturday Feb. 9th @ 9:00am Potcakes Raccoons Potcakes-15 Raccoons-15
Saturday Feb. 9th @ 11:30am Silver Jacks Sharks Silver Jacks-6 Sharks-4
Saturday Feb. 16th @ 9:00am Silver Jacks Potcakes Silver Jacks-8 Potcakes-13
Saturday Feb. 16th @ 11:30am Sharks Raccoons Sharks-2 Raccoons-3
7 RD III Saturday Feb. 23rd @ 9:00am Silver Jacks Raccoons Silver Jacks-20 Raccoons-8
Saturday Feb. 23rd @ 11:30am Potcakes Sharks Potcakes-11 Sharks-3
8 Saturday Mar. 2nd @ 9:00am Raccoons Potcakes Raccoons-0 Potcakes-3
Saturday Mar. 2nd @ 11:30am Sharks Silver Jacks Sharks-0 Silver Jacks-11
9 Saturday Mar. 9th @ 9:00am Potcakes Silver Jacks Potcakes-4 Silver Jacks-8
Saturday Mar. 9th @ 11:30am Raccoons Sharks Raccoons-7 Sharks-0
RD IV Sunday Mar. 10th @ 4:30pm Raccoons Silver Jacks Raccoons-4 Silver Jacks-5
Saturday Mar. 16th @ 9:00am Potcakes Raccoons Potcakes-4 Raccoons-3
Saturday Mar. 16th @ 11:30am Silver Jacks Sharks Silver Jacks-11 Sharks-7
Sunday Mar. 17th @ 4:30pm Sharks Potcakes Sharks-7 Potcakes-4
Week Date Visitor Home Results
11 Saturday Mar. 23rd FF ANNUAL STEAK-OUT
Saturday Mar. 23rd @ 9:00am Sharks Raccoons Sharks-1 Raccoons-7
Saturday Mar. 23rd @ 11:30am Silver Jacks Potcakes Silver Jacks-4 Potcakes-11
RD V Sunday Mar. 24th @ 4:30pm Raccoons Potcakes Raccoons-9 Potcakes-8
12 Saturday Mar. 30th @ 9:00am Potcakes Silver Jacks Postponed
Saturday Mar. 30th @ 11:30am Raccoons Sharks Postponed
Sunday Mar. 31st @ 2:00pm Potcakes Sharks Potcakes-7 Sharks-6
Sunday Mar. 31st @ 4:30pm Silver Jacks Raccoons Postponed
13 Friday Apr. 5th @ 5:00pm Sharks Silver Jacks Sharks-4 Silver Jacks-7
RD VI Saturday Apr. 6th @ 2:00pm Raccoons Silver Jacks Raccoons-9 Silver Jacks-4
Saturday Apr. 6th @ 4:30pm Sharks Potcakes Sharks-3 Potcakes-4
14 Friday Apr. 12th @ 5:00pm Silver Jacks Potcakes Postponed
Saturday Apr. 13th @ 2:00pm Potcakes Raccoons Potcakes-12 Raccoons-2
Saturday Apr. 13th @ 4:30pm Silver Jacks Sharks Postponed
15 Saturday Apr. 20th JBLN FF High-Five TBD
16 Friday Apr. 26th @ 5:00pm Sharks Raccoons Sharks-7 Raccoons-6
RD VII Saturday Apr. 27th @ 11:30am Silver Jacks Raccoons Silver Jacks-5 Raccoons-3
Saturday Apr. 27th @ 4:30pm Potcakes Sharks Postponed
Sunday Apr. 28th @ 4:30pm Potcakes Silver Jacks Postponed
17 Saturday May 4th @ 9:00am Raccoons Potcakes Raccoons-3 Potcakes-15
Saturday May 4th @ 2:00pm Sharks Silver Jacks Sharks-5 Silver Jacks-3
Saturday May 4th @ 6:00pm FF Anniversary Banquet
Sunday May 5th @ 4:30pm Raccoons Sharks Postponed
Week Date Visitor Home Results
Saturday May 11th Post Season Begins
Sunday May 26th Post Season Ends
Week Date Visitor Home Results



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