Current Standings

  • < Junior Softball Division >

  • ** Tiger Lilies **
  • ** Morning Glory **
  • ** Periwinkle **

  • < Senior Softball Division >

  • ** Lignum Vitaes **
  • ** Shepherd Needles **
  • ** Desert Rose **

  • < T-Ball Division >

  • ** Sea Grapes **
  • ** Dillies **
  • ** Jujus **
  • ** Coco Plums **
  • ** Tamarinds **
  • ** Guineps **

  • < Coach Pitch Division >

  • ** Wasps **
  • ** Scorpions **
  • ** Grasshoppers **
  • ** Termites **
  • ** Bees **
  • ** Mosquitoes **
  • ** Boas **
  • ** Red Ants **

  • < 9-10 Division >

  • ** Octopus **
  • ** Wahoos **
  • ** Groupers **
  • ** Lion Fish **
  • ** Blue Marlins **
  • ** Barracudas **
  • ** Turbots **
  • ** Dolphins **

  • < 11-12 Division >

  • ** Rattlers **
  • ** Hurricanes **
  • ** Conchs **
  • ** Green Parrots **
  • ** White Crowns **
  • ** Wild Dogs **

  • < 13-15 Division >

  • ** Potcakes **
  • ** Silver Jacks **
  • ** Sharks **
  • ** Raccoons **

  • < Senior Open Division >

  • ** Arawaks **
  • ** Caribs **


Upcoming Games

    FF Playoff

  • Morning Glory-1 vs. Periwinkles-7
  • Periwinkles-18 vs. Morning Glory-8

  • Desert Rose-7 vs. Shepherd Needles-12
  • Shepherd Needles-4 vs. Desert Rose-13
  • Desert Rose-9 vs. Shepherd Needles-15

  • Coco Plums-2 vs. Sea Grapes-19
  • Sea Grapes-25 vs. Coco Plums-9
  • Jujus-18 vs. Dillies-19
  • Dillies-24 vs. Jujus-13

  • Termites-13 vs. Wasps-5
  • Wasps-12 vs. Termites-8
  • Termites-6 vs. Wasps-12
  • Grasshoppers-6 vs. Scorpions-10
  • Scorpions-3 vs. Grasshoppers-4
  • Grasshoppers-7 vs. Scorpions-10

  • Lion Fish-8 vs. Octopus-2
  • Octopus-24 vs. Lion Fish-4
  • Lion Fish-10 vs. Octopus-6
  • Groupers-12 vs. Wahoos-15
  • Wahoos-11 vs. Groupers-5

  • Green Parrots-11 vs. Rattlers-1
  • Rattlers-6 vs. Green Parrots-16
  • Conchs-3 vs. Hurricanes-2
  • Hurricanes-4 vs. Conchs-3
  • Conchs-5 vs. Hurricanes-2

  • Raccoons-5 vs. Potcakes-10
  • Potcakes-5 vs. Raccoons-2
  • Sharks-7 vs. Silver Jacks-5
  • Silver Jacks-7 vs. Sharks-6
  • Sharks vs. Silver Jacks

  • FF Championship

  • Dillies-16 vs. Sea Grapes-17
  • Sea Grapes-24 vs. Dillies-3

  • Periwinkles-2 vs. Tiger Lilies-16
  • Tiger Lilies-32 vs. Periwinkles-12

  • Shepherd Needles-9 vs. Lignum Vitaes-15
  • Lignum Vitaes-18 vs. Shepherd Needles-6
  • Shepherd Needles-5 vs. Lignum Vitaes-15

  • Scorpions-6 vs. Wasps-12

  • Lion Fish-7 vs. Wahoos-8

  • Green Parrots-8 vs. Conchs-7
  • Conchs-7 vs. Green Parrots-8

Freedom Farm Playoff Information Consessions at the Field Freedom Farm Facebook Page

Game Schedules

Here you'll find the schedules for the 2017 season. They are divided by division. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

9-10 Division Teams

  • This is a 28 game season which mean each team will play each other four times; twice as the home team and twice as the visiting team.
  • Line-ups should be in 15 minutes prior to game time.
  • There will be no grace period.
  • Games are six innings or 1 hr and 45 minutes whichever comes first.
  • Games will go extra innings until there is a winner.
  • Mercy rule is 15 runs after three innings or 10 runs after four innings.
  • Games will go extra innings until there is a winner.
  • Top four teams enter playoffs.
  • Playoff round is best of three games.
  • Championship series is best of five games.
Week Date Visitor Home Results
1 Saturday Jan. 7th @ 11:00am Awards Ceremony
Saturday Jan. 7th @ 12:00pm Skills Events
2 Saturday Jan. 14th @ 8:00am CHURCH SERVICE
Saturday Jan. 14th @ 11:00am Opening Ceremonies
RD I Saturday Jan. 14th @ 1:00pm Groupers Lion Fish Groupers-10 Lion Fish-9
Sunday Jan. 15th @ 3:00pm Octopus Barracudas Octopus-5 Barracudas-4
Sunday Jan. 15th @ 5:00pm Dolphins Turbots Dolphins-11 Turbots-12
3 Friday Jan. 20th @ 6:00pm Blue Marlins Wahoos Blue Marlins-0 Wahoos-15
Friday Jan. 20th @ 8:00pm Octopus Dolphins Octopus-12 Dolphins-1
Saturday Jan. 21st @ 1:15pm Turbots Blue Marlins Turbots-12 Blue Marlins-6
Saturday Jan. 21st @ 3:15pm Barracudas Groupers Barracudas-8 Groupers-9
Saturday Jan. 21st @ 5:30pm Lion Fish Octopus Lion Fish-2 Octopus-9
Saturday Jan. 21st @ 7:30pm Wahoos Dolphins Wahoos-20 Dolphins-0
4 BW Tuesday Jan. 24th @ 6:15pm Lion Fish Barracudas Lion Fish-9 Barracudas-10
Thursday Jan. 26th @ 6:15pm Turbots Wahoos
Saturday Jan. 28th @ 9:00am Dolphins Groupers Dolphins-3 Groupers-11
Saturday Jan. 28th @ 11:00am Blue Marlins Octopus Blue Marlins-8 Octopus-13
Saturday Jan. 28th @ 1:15pm Turbots Lion Fish Turbots-8 Lion Fish-6
Saturday Jan. 28th @ 3:15pm Wahoos Barracudas Wahoos-14 Barracudas-7
Sunday Jan. 29th @ 2:00pm Dolphins Blue Marlins Dolphins-4 Blue Marlins-7
Sunday Jan. 29th @ 4:00pm Groupers Octopus Groupers-12 Octopus-13
5 Friday Feb. 3rd @ 6:00pm Groupers Blue Marlins Groupers-7 Blue Marlins-5
Friday Feb. 3rd @ 8:00pm Lion Fish Wahoos Lion Fish-6 Wahoos-7
Saturday Feb. 4th @ 3:15pm Wahoos Groupers Wahoos-3 Groupers-14
Week Date Visitor Home Results
Saturday Feb. 4th @ 5:30pm Blue Marlins Lion Fish Blue Marlins-4 Lion Fish-10
Saturday Feb. 4th @ 7:30pm Barracudas Turbots Barracudas-11 Turbots-6
6 BW Tuesday Feb. 7th @ 6:15pm Turbots Octopus Turbots-3 Octopus-13
Thursday Feb. 9th @ 6:15pm Dolphins Barracudas Dolphins-13 Barracudas-9
Saturday Feb. 11th @ 9:00am Groupers Turbots Groupers-22 Turbots-4
Saturday Feb. 11th @ 11:00am Lion Fish Dolphins Lion Fish-12 Dolphins-7
Saturday Feb. 11th @ 1:15pm Octopus Wahoos Octopus-10 Wahoos-5
Saturday Feb. 11th @ 3:15pm Barracudas Blue Marlins Barracudas-7 Blue Marlins-15
RD II Sunday Feb. 12th @ 2:00pm Lion Fish Groupers Lion Fish-3 Groupers-7
Sunday Feb. 12th @ 4:00pm Turbots Dolphins
7 Friday Feb. 17th @ 6:00pm Barracudas Wahoos Barracudas-7 Wahoos-11
Friday Feb. 17th @ 8:00pm Octopus Lion Fish Octopus-12 vs. Lion Fish-3
Saturday Feb. 18th @ 11:00am Blue Marlins Turbots Blue Marlins-6 Turbots-8
Saturday Feb. 18th @ 1:15pm Groupers Barracudas Groupers-11 Barracudas-6
Saturday Feb. 18th @ 3:15pm Dolphins Octopus Dolphins-0 Octopus-10
Saturday Feb. 18th @ 5:30pm Wahoos Lion Fish Wahoos-15 Lion Fish-0
8 Saturday Feb. 25th @ 9:00am Dolphins Wahoos Dolphins-16 Wahoos-12
Saturday Feb. 25th @ 11:00am Barracudas Lion Fish Barracudas-4 Lion Fish-14
Saturday Feb. 25th @ 1:15pm Octopus Blue Marlins Octopus-0 Blue Marlins-0
Saturday Feb. 25th @ 3:15pm Turbots Groupers Turbots-6 Groupers-8
Sunday Feb. 26th @ 3:00pm Wahoos Octopus Wahoos-8 Octopus-7
Sunday Feb. 26th @ 5:00pm Blue Marlins Dolphins Blue Marlins-14 Dolphins-9
9 BW Tuesday Feb. 28th @ 6:15pm Octopus Groupers Octopus-18 Groupers-3
Thursday Mar. 2nd @ 6:15pm Wahoos Turbots Wahoos-19 Turbots-5
Week Date Visitor Home Results
Friday Mar. 3rd @ 6:00pm Lion Fish Blue Marlins Lion Fish-9 Blue Marlins-4
Friday Mar. 3rd @ 8:00pm Barracudas Dolphins Barracudas-14 Dolphins-13
Saturday Mar. 4th @ 11:00am Groupers Wahoos Groupers-5 Wahoos-6
Saturday Mar. 4th @ 1:15pm Octopus Turbots Octopus-14 Turbots-3
Saturday Mar. 4th @ 3:15pm Dolphins Lion Fish Dolphins-15 Lion Fish-16
Saturday Mar. 4th @ 5:30pm Blue Marlins Barracudas Blue Marlins-10 Barracudas-7
10 Saturday Mar. 11th @ 6:00am Annual Fun Run & Walk
Saturday Mar. 11th @ 10:00am Barracudas Octopus Barracudas-1 Octopus-11
Saturday Mar. 11th @ 12:00pm Lion Fish Turbots Lion Fish-9 Turbots-4
Saturday Mar. 11th @ 2:15pm Groupers Dolphins Groupers-14 Dolphins-7
Saturday Mar. 11th @ 4:15pm Wahoos Blue Marlins Wahoos-11 Blue Marlins-9
Sunday Mar. 12th @ 3:00pm Turbots Barracudas Turbots-4 Barracudas-13
Sunday Mar. 12th @ 5:00pm Blue Marlins Groupers Blue Marlins-4 Groupers-10
11 RD III Friday Mar. 17th @ 6:00pm Octopus Dolphins Octopus-17 Dolphins-14
Friday Mar. 17th @ 8:00pm Barracudas Turbots Barracudas-8 Turbots-11
Saturday Mar. 18th @ 1:15pm Groupers Lion Fish Groupers-7 Lion Fish-10
Saturday Mar. 18th @ 3:15pm Dolphins Turbots Dolphins-13 Turbots-1
Saturday Mar. 18th @ 5:30pm Octopus Barracudas Octopus-12 Barracudas-6
Saturday Mar. 18th @ 7:30pm Blue Marlins Wahoos Blue Marlins-5 Wahoos-9
12 BW Tuesday Mar. 21st @ 6:15pm Turbots Octopus Turbots-2 Octopus-5
Thursday Mar. 23rd @ 6:15pm Dolphins Barracudas Dolphins-5 Barracudas-6
Saturday Mar. 25th @ 9:00am Turbots Blue Marlins Turbots-3 Blue Marlins-10
Saturday Mar. 25th @ 11:00am Barracudas Groupers Barracudas-18 Groupers-19
Saturday Mar. 25th @ 1:15pm Lion Fish Octopus Lion Fish-4 Octopus-2
Week Date Visitor Home Results
Saturday Mar. 25th @ 3:15pm Wahoos Dolphins Wahoos-14 Dolphins-2
Sunday Mar. 26th @ 2:00pm Lion Fish Wahoos Lion Fish-10 Wahoos-11
Sunday Mar. 26th @ 4:00pm Groupers Blue Marlins Groupers-6 Blue Marlins-7
13 Friday Mar. 31st @ 6:00pm Blue Marlins Lion Fish Blue Marlins-0 Lion Fish-7
Friday Mar. 31st @ 8:00pm Wahoos Groupers Wahoos-11 Groupers-6
Saturday April 1st @ 3:15pm Dolphins Blue Marlins Dolphins-6 Blue Marlins-11
Saturday April 1st @ 5:30pm Wahoos Barracudas Wahoos-12 Barracudas-2
Saturday April 1st @ 7:30pm Turbots Lion Fish Turbots-16 Lion Fish-6
14 BW Monday April 3rd @ 6:15pm Dolphins Groupers Dolphins-2 Groupers-12
Wednesday April 5th @ 6:15pm Turbots Wahoos Turbots-1 Wahoos-12
Saturday April 8th @ 9:00am Groupers Turbots Groupers-14 Turbots-2
Saturday April 8th @ 11:00am Lion Fish Dolphins Lion Fish-11 Dolphins-6
Saturday April 8th @ 1:15pm Octopus Wahoos Octopus-15 Wahoos-10
Saturday April 8th @ 3:15pm Barracudas Blue Marlins Barracudas-9 Blue Marlins-11
Sunday April 9th @ 3:00pm Lion Fish Barracudas Lion Fish-9 Barracudas-7
Sunday April 9th @ 5:00pm Blue Marlins Octopus Blue Marlins-0 Octopus-12
15 Saturday April 15th Easter Weekend No Games
Sunday April 16th Easter Weekend No Games
16 Friday April 21st @ 6:00pm Groupers Octopus Groupers-2 Octopus-9
RD IV Saturday April 22nd @ 9:00am Blue Marlins Turbots Blue Marlins-8 Turbots-6
Saturday April 22nd @ 11:00am Wahoos Lion Fish Wahoos-11 Lion Fish-1
Saturday April 22nd @ 1:15pm Groupers Barracudas Groupers-7 Barracudas-9
Saturday April 22nd @ 3:15pm Dolphins Octopus Dolphins-4 Octopus-7
Sunday April 23rd @ 2:00pm Blue Marlins Barracudas
Week Date Visitor Home Results
Sunday April 23rd @ 4:00pm Turbots Dolphins
17 BW Tuesday April 25th @ 6:15pm Octopus Lion Fish Octopus-13 Lion Fish-0
Thursday April 27th @ 6:15pm Turbots Barracudas Turbots-3 Barracudas-13
Friday April 28th @ 6:00pm Groupers Wahoos Groupers-10 Wahoos-11
Friday April 28th @ 8:00pm Blue Marlins Dolphins Blue Marlins-3 Dolphins-10
Saturday April 29th @ 11:00am Barracudas Lion Fish Barracudas-8 Lion Fish-6
Saturday April 29th @ 1:15pm Turbots Groupers Turbots-10 Groupers-11
Saturday April 29th @ 3:15pm Octopus Blue Marlins Octopus-7 Blue Marlins-8
Saturday April 29th @ 5:30pm Dolphins Wahoos Dolphins-0 Wahoos-12
18 Saturday May 6th @ 9:00am Octopus Groupers Octopus-12 Groupers-7
Saturday May 6th @ 11:00am Wahoos Turbots Wahoos-21 Turbots-2
Saturday May 6th @ 1:15pm Lion Fish Blue Marlins Lion Fish-9 Blue Marlins-1
Saturday May 6th @ 3:15pm Barracudas Dolphins Barracudas-17 Dolphins-5
Sunday May 7th @ 4:00pm Wahoos Octopus Wahoos-9 Octopus-10
Sunday May 7th @ 6:00pm Lion Fish Groupers Lion Fish-14 Groupers-7
19 BW Tuesday May 9th @ 6:15pm Dolphins Lion Fish Dolphins-7 Lion Fish-10
Thursday May 11th @ 6:15pm Blue Marlins Groupers Blue Marlins-7 Groupers-8
Friday May 12th @ 6:00pm Barracudas Wahoos
Friday May 12th @ 8:00pm Octopus Turbots
Saturday May 13th @ 1:15pm Groupers Dolphins
Saturday May 13th @ 3:15pm Wahoos Blue Marlins
Saturday May 13th @ 5:30pm Barracudas Octopus Barracudas-4 Octopus-20
Saturday May 13th @ 7:30pm Lion Fish Turbots
Week Date Visitor Home Results



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